JAS Cares

JAS Cares is our internal program dedicated to enriching the communities we serve worldwide. We empower our employees to make a positive impact through volunteer work, mentoring, and other philanthropic activities of their choice. While we have established partnerships with certain communities, our global team constantly seeks out new opportunities to lend a helping hand, with each and every one of us contributing in any way necessary.

In addition to actively donating to humanitarian organizations, we go above and beyond by actively listening to these communities to determine their specific needs. Whether it's donating clothes or purchasing new ones, sending boxes of long-lasting food supplies, offering additional educational materials, or providing financial assistance for rent or school tuition, we are committed to addressing their most urgent needs. Our contributions encompass financial aid, food, education, clothing, youth employment, and mentorship - all based on prioritizing their requests and providing tailored support accordingly.

Listening attentively is at the heart of everything we do at JAS Global, because JAS cares.

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